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Friday, October 13, 2006

Whacked box game cheat


All Characters & FMV'smode:
make a new profile in Gameshow mode and name it DOUBLEDOUBLE

All Weapons & FMV's mode:
make a new profile in Gameshow mode and name it TIMEFORCHAOS

All Arenas, weapons, weapon sets & FMV's mode:
make a new profile in Gameshow mode and name it AROUNDDAWORLD

How to unlock Game Art:
Finish the game and view the credits in the theatre menu. After the credits stop
some game art will be shown

Unlock all levels and all weapons:
All you have to do is beat the game because as you do all the challenges in each
curtain level you unlock levels that you don't have and weapons that you don't

Unlock Lance,Otto,Charity:
To unlock lance you have to beat curtain 1. To unlock Otto you have to beat
curtain 2.
To unlock Charity you have to beat curtain 3.

FOOD characters:
create a new profile in gamshow mode. name it FOODFIGHT. then go to battle
mode and go to any character except lucky lucy and lance and press the white
button. they will become a food product.

UBER mode:
make a new profile in Gameshow mode and name it UBERHUNGARIAN and then
got to battle mode and select combat mode and go to how many stars you have
to collect. go to 200 stars and press the white button. it will say UBER. you will
have to get 400 stars to win in this mode.

Unreal 2: The Awakening xbox game cheat

Unreal 2: The Awakening

Hint: Double Sniper Zoom
To zoom in twice with a sniper rifle, hit L and then click the right analog stick.

Hint: Haul More People on Vehicles
To get three or more people on each vehicle, and have other players jump on the
car while it's full. Then, the players on top of the vehicle will need to duck and
they should stick on the vehicle without falling off.

Hint: Quick Turbo Recharge
If you've used up your turbo in a vehicle and you want it to recharge very
quickly, get out of the vehicle and hop back in. Upon re-entering, the vehicle's
turbo will be fully recharged.

Xbox game cheat for Turok: Evolution

Turok: Evolution

Be Invincible:
Go to the Enter Cheat screen and enter EMERPUS for a code. Then turn on that
cheat at the menu to activate it.

Get Every Weapon (Weapons must be available in current level):
Go to the Enter Cheat screen and enter TEXAS for a code
Unlimited Ammo:

Go to the Enter Cheat screen and enter MADMAN for a code
Pick level:

Go to the Enter Cheat screen and enter SELLOUT for a code. Now you need to
load a saved game to pick the level

Be invisible:
Go to the Enter Cheat screen and enter SLLEWGH for a code.

Toxic Grind

Toxic Grind

How to unlock Anti Gravity:
Go to the main menu and Hold R + L and press Up, Up, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up,
Up, click Left Analog-stick.

How to unlock Super Spin:
Go to the main menu and Hold R + L and press Left, Up, Right, Down, Down,
Right, Up, Left, click Left Analog-stick.

How to unlock Shield:
Go to the main menu and Hold R + L and press Left, Right, X, B, Y, A, Up, Down,
click Left Analog-stick.

How to unlock Another Life:
Go to the main menu and Hold R + L and press Y, A, X, B, Up, Left, Down, Right,
click Left Analog-stick.

How to unlock Magnet Pegs:
Go to the main menu and Hold R + L and press Y, Up, Y, Up, Y, Down, Y, Down,
click Left Analog-stick.

Toe Jam and Earl 3 xbox game cheat

Toe Jam and Earl 3

Stop Humans Briefly:
If you need to stop the humans for about 2 seconds, press "B" to bring up the
present list. Exit out and u will get about a 2 second jump on the humans

Get Random Mode:
Finish any level to unlock it

Get Black Belt:
Get 1st place in the spring gate battle in the urban area

This is the code for purple belt with dude

(cBro at 5000)

This will give you a black belt

Put in the code ubad

Put in the code cdude

Enclave Xbox game cheat


Get Dark Campaign:
First start a new game then put in your save game name. When the Episode
Selection screen begins press X, Y, Y, X, X, Y, X, Y

God Mode:
Pause game play, then press X, Y, X, X, Y, Y, X, Y, X, X, Y, Y to unlock "God
Mode" and "Complete Mission" options at the pause menu.

Get Earth Golem:
Finish the Light Campaign to unlock the Golem

Stone Gnome:
You unlock the Stone Gnome once you beat the dark campaign.

Unlock Fetica:
Get ALL of the gold in the Dark Campaign

Unlock 9320 Battle Droid:
Get ALL of the gold in the Light Campaign

Enemies in the light campaign die after five to ten seconds or more if they are
standing in water on the beach. If you can lure enemies into the water you can
kill them without getting hurt. Works on goblins may work on large enemies.

Dark Summit xbox game cheat

Dark Summit

Get Alien Unlocked:
Hold the Back + Start button and press Y, L, X, B, R, A, R, X. Now you will have
challenges 43, 48, 49 & 50 unlocked and have bomb piece #5

Get All Boarders:
Hold the Back + Start button and press Y, L, X, B, R, A, R, B

Get More Points:
Hold the Back + Start button and press Y, L, X, B, R, A, R, A. Now you will have 9
million lift points and 9 million equipment points

Get Challenges Finished:
Hold the Back + Start button and press Y, L, X, B, R, A, R, Y. Now you will have
challenges unlocked except 43, 48, 49, 50. You will also have all bomb pieces
except #5

Get Slo Motion Mode:
Hold the Back + Start button and press Y, X, B, L Now you can press L + R in the
air for slow motion

Shoot Barrel:
Hold the Back + Start button and press Y, X, B, R.

Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix xbox game cheat

Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix

Unlock Max 300:
You can unlock Max 300 in more ways the one. One method is to get an AAA
ranking on any song. You can also unlock Max 300 by using the roulette until you
land on it.

Unlock Songs:
To unlock the songs listed, complete the corresponding criteria:
Colors (For Extreme): Play 100 songs.
Graduistic Cyber: Get an AA rank on any song.
Healing Vision (Angelic Mix): Get at least a C rating on each difficulty of Healing
Max300: Get a AAA on any song.
MGS 2 Mission R: Get an A rank on any song.
Orion .78 (Civilization Mix): Play at least 300 songs.
Paranoia Rebirth: Get at least a C rating on each difficulty of Paranoia Eternal.
Put Your Faith in Me (Saturday Night Mix): Fail a song on purpose.
Sana Mollete Ne Ente (BLT Style): Get at least a C rating on each difficulty of
Sana Mollete Ne Ente.

Aliens vs. Predator: Extinction Xbox Game Cheat

Aliens vs. Predator: Extinction

Cheat menu:
To unlock Cheat Mode, pause the game and press R, R, L, R, L, L, R, L, R, R, L, R,
L, L, R, L. Now, a number of Cheats will be available from the Options menu:

Cheat Win
Clear Fog of War
Enable All Levels
Gimme $10,000
Player Invulnerable
Show LZs
Toggle Unit Spying

The BIG G's Game Industry Blog

The BIG G's Game Industry Blog

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Halo Xbox game cheat


Secret Cave:
There is in level 5 a secret cave at the button of the map entrance. It comes out
on the side where they are not expecting a side attack from that side and it shall
be easier.
Get New Ending Sequence:
Finish the game using legendary difficulty setting in Campaign Mode
Carry 3 Weapons:
OK to carry 3 weapons u have to beat the game (i beat it on easy) then when ur
done u can carry 3 weapons

Battling flood:
Using a combination of assault, Shotgun, and grenades works best...
Warning: Only use the [sticky] grenades at a far distance, especially for the little
Shot gun- use on big floods, and little floods.
When those little guys, that jump up at you, are all grouped together use the
shot gun, it shoots out a lot of bullets at a time (you can see this if you shoot at a
smooth wall, or the can see all the marks it makes).
Also close to medium range range to the big guys.
Use Assault rifle if the guy is standing still, if he or you are moving too much it
screws your aim very badly and you waste bullets and have to re load more often
and then they have a clear shot.
For the grenades use them when you know something is behind a wall, or when
you see a lot of flood coming at you from a safe distance.
for sticky grenades you MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER to use them at a safe distance
because if you shoot it on one of those little guys that follow you you will get hurt
bad too because of the blast that they brought with them, same with the big
guys; I have learned this because the the Master Chief doesn't run to fast so he
cant out run a lot of the flood.
Don't use your grenades all at once..They are to important, and sometimes rarest
when you need them.

Battling the flood 2:
When you fight the flood it is best to use a combo of the Assault Rifle (For the
little dudes) And the Shotgun (For the big ones).
When the flood that look like humans come at you try to aim for their big arm.
they will die instantly if you shoot it off. it is best to do this at close to medium
range with the shotgun. but if you have to you can also use the Assault Rifle.
If you use Grenades try not to use the Plasma Grenades. try to use the
Fragmentation grenades because if the flood run at you with the sticky grenade
on them you are in trouble.
Also in order to get more check points try to kill all enemies in the area and the
comp will generally give you a check point. Against the big flood just put a shotgun to their chest a pull the trigger it works
best that way.

Bloody Warthog:
To start things off lets just beat the game first!Now since the game is beat you
should have a little fun.Now go to any level that lets you use the warthog.Now for
the good part.When you see an enemy run over him.But it isn't that simple!If
your enemy jumps out of the way do a donut and you should get him!Another
cool thing is to take a rocket launcher and blast the warthog towards them and it
might hit them and they will die!Now I have a great recipe for chicken noodle
sallad,just kidding!

Battling easier:
This is how to battle The BAD GUYS.
[M6D Pistol][Slow rate of fire and small clip size make this weapon ineffective
against the fast moving Elites]
[MA5B Assault rifle][At minimum,prepare to extend an entire clip to bring one
down{more,if your aim isn't sure}]
[S2 AM Sniper Rifle][If youve got it,use it.It will tear through the Elites
shielding.A head shot will take them down instantly]
[M90 Shotgun][The closer you are,the faster they fall]
[Fragmentation/Plasma Grenades][The will dodge most grenades throw at
them.Use grenades only if they are cornered]
[M19SSM Rocket Launcher][A waste of Rockets. Use smaller arms.]
[Plasma Pistol][Resist the urge to fire a power shot;an Elite will most likely dodge
it.Instead,fire continuous bursts to bring them down more quickly than with the
pistol or assualt rifle]
[Plasma Rifle][Very effective if your aim is true.If not,the overheat can leave you
vulnerable to a charging and angry Elite]
[Needler][Highly Effective.Empty a clip at the elite,and the needles will home in
on it,piercing its shield and quickly dispatching it.]

[Pistol][One or two shots should put a grunt to rest.]
[Assault Rifle][Highly Effective against one or many.]
[S2 AM Sniper Rifle][Can we say overkill?Obviously effective,but use it on bigger
threats before grunts]
[M90 Shotgun][Can take down multiple Grunts with a single shot.]
[Grenades]Grunts are slow to respond to a grenade,so more than one can be
taken out per throw.]
[Rocket Launcher][Akin to using an axe to cut better.It'll work but what a mess.]
[Plasma Pital...oops *Pistol][Charge it up and take them out.For single shots M6D
pistol is more leathal]
Plasma Rifle][You short bursts to avoid overheating.This is the weapon of choice
against the grunts.]
[Needler][Great from a distance.Up close,however,you will take a lot of damage
as you wait for the needles to find there target and explode]

Battle easier 2:
[M6D Pistol][Utilize its scope for effective long range [aim for its neck or back]if
you hit the orange flesh right on you can take one out with a single shot]
[MA5B Assault Rifle][Really only effective if you shoot them in the back]

[S2 AM Sniper Rifle][Aim for the neck or back]
[M90 Shotgun][Like the pistol one shot to the back should do it]
[Fragmentation/Plasma Grenade][Will only aggrivate them,unless its detonates
behing them]
[M19SSM Rocket Launcher][They should nickname the Rocket Launcher "Hunter
[Plasma Pistol][Ineffective.Don't use the pop-gun unless you want a fuel rod
[Plasma Rifle][Go for the orange flesh,but human weapons seem more effective]
[Needler][The needles will bounce harmlessly off there exoskeleton armor]

[Pistol][Fire a shot at the hole in the sheild]
[Assaualt Rifle][Aim for the hole and unload]
[Sniper Rifle][Aim for the hole and its over]
[Shotgun][If your close enough it should knock them back,second shot will kill
[Grenades][Jackals usualy ignore them so throw 'em if you got 'em]
[Rocket Launcher][This will do the trick]
[Plasma Pistol]One charged shot will kill the sheild second shot on em is death]
[Plasma Rifle][Will knock the shield away,leaving the Jackals body]
[Needler][Ineefective,Will not penetrate shield]
Melee attack will penetrate shield and kill them first time.

Plasma Grenade:
If your going to use a plasma grenade, try throwing the grenade on the alien
where it sticks onto them. It will blow up on them making sure it will kill the
alien. Also the aliens can do this to you if you don't move.

Description of Weapons& Best Times to use Them + Vehicles:
Pistol- Has scope capabilitys, grwat for picking off Covenenat at semi-long
ranges. NOTE- good for level three
Sniper Rifle-Armor and shield pericing rounds, Good for cloaked Eletes ant semilong
ranges (u will see elete's camofluage shimmer slightly)
Rocket Launcher-Basic Covenenat-killer, Great for masses of grunts, hunters (can
be a 2 for 1 deal)and espercaily Flood
Assult Rifle-Speedy, great for masses but not for sniping, OK with flood, and good
with grunts
NOTE-Cannot reload (must get new)
Plasma Rifle-Great for masses and elete's, use in short bursts to avout
overheating (drains power quickly)
Plasma Pistol- Good for eletes when cornered, Great for hunters when shot in
Warthog-fastest human vehicle, good for hunters (machine gun on back)
Tank-The best for masses, and spectacular for hunters. Real messy however
(turnes most covvant into mush and wreckes covenent vehicles
Ghost-Quick, hovering, OK shot but bad defence make this vehicle quite a dish,
be careful howver u can get blasted easily
Banshee-only thing that can fly but the best damn thing for just about everything

Silent Level Shortcut:
This will help if your annoyed by always having to go back because the yellow
dude locks the door. First find a warthhog and get some people inside. Go where
the place where there are lots of guys and where kortana says the covenant are
putting up a real fight. Go down completely with your warthhog and go at full
speed directly where the yellow dude is. If you did it right then your warthhog will
be half way through. Press forward and get out. Then pass the level like you
usually do and come back where the warthog is stuck. You may think it is
impossible to get out but just press back and then get out. You will be in back of
it and now you're done the hard part!

Master sniping technique:
Heres a cheap sniping tactic to aggravate your friends with next time your in a
turn on all vehicles, weapons on normal, and play on the sidewinder level.
grab a sniper rifle and a tank, drive it up to the outer cliff on the blue light side
where the rocket launcher is located, drive the tank around the cliff past the
rocket launcher towards the outside of the portal.
now back it up the hill next to the portals outside door, the tank should be facing
straight at the tree out in the middle of the level.
soon as it's been back up that it cant go any farther (enough that you could get
under it) go get a ghost and go off the tank like a ramp.
this is a very stressing trick, it will take a while but you'll know you have gotten in
the sniping spot when you fly off the tank out beyond the boundaries of the level.
now you can walk around the whole level and pop out whenever you want and
snipe your friends and then pop back out so they cant hit you. (it looks like your
flying and sometimes you can keep the ghost up there.

Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix Xbox Game Cheat

Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix

Give All Weapons:
During gameplay, click in the Left Analog stick and press X, Y, A, B. A message
will confirm correct entry.

God Mode:
During gameplay, click in the Left Analog stick and press B, A, Y, X. A message
will confirm correct entry.

Stage Select Cheat:
While playing (or in an in-game menu) push in the LEFT JOYSTICK and press

Unlimited Ammo:
During gameplay, click in the Left Analog stick and press BLACK, A, Y, WHITE. A
message will confirm correct entry

Roller Coaster Tycoon Game Cheat

Roller Coaster Tycoon

One Less Job For Handymen:
When there are weeds growing out of the grass don't waste money on handymen
just click on the raise/lower land icon and select grass and the weeds will
disappear and it won't cost you a penny!

Excitement Rating and Park Fee Tip:
If your park entrance fee is free you can charge whatever the excitement rating
EX. rollercoaster rating-5.67=charge $5.60

To get more guests to come to your park, go to the marketing (advertising) page
of the finances. Do all of the advertising and keep it running all the time. You
should see alot more guests.

To get more money, have a free entry price, and charge 5.00 for large
rollercoasters, and the lower the intensity of the rollercoaster, go down 50 cents
in price. Keep all thrill rides at 2.00, and all gentle rides at 1.00, and all water
rides between 2.50 to 3.50.
There are a few ways to get more cash,
here's a few:
1. put a bathroom near a roller coaster and charge people.
2. Put a balloon stand where a lot of people go. you'll get lots of money
Mega Park:
Finish all the levels to get the Mega Park
Help Riders:
To help riders coming off the coaster place benches near the coaster exits. This
will help sick quests
Faster Scrolling:
To Scroll Faster, move the mouse to the side or corner that you want to go and
scroll.While scrolling Press one (or two for diaginal) of the arrow keys on the key
board, and you should scroll super fast.

Rogue Ops xbox game cheat

Rogue Ops

Cheat List:
During gameplay, press START and enter any of the following codes:
Half Damage - X, X, Y, Y, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, Y, Y, X, X
Bulletproof - LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, X, Y, Y, X
Infinite Ammo - X, Y, X, Y, X, Y, X, Y, LEFT, Y, X, Y, X, Y, X, Y, X
Crossbow Turned Frag Launcher - LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, X, Y, BLACK,
Big Weapons - X, X, X, X, Y, Y, Y

Metal Arms: Glitch in the System Xbox Game Cheat

Metal Arms: Glitch in the System

Unlock Concept Movie:
Beat story mode to unlock this feature.

Unlock General Corrosive for Multiplayer:
To unlock General Corrosive for multiplayer, collect all of the speed chips in the

Fighting the Zombiebot King:
In order to beat the Zombiebot King just wear him down using rockets until he
pauses (doesn't move). Toss a grenade (coring charge) into its mouth. On
Normal, it takes five grenades to kill him and after the 3rd and 4th grenades
there are regular zombiebots that swarm the arena.

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun Xbox Game Cheat

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun

Cheat Codes:
Enter these on the passcode screen:
TUSKFISH - Unlock All Missions
BANNER - Invincibility
WRASSE - Bullet Shield
JAWFISH - Unlimited Ammo
BATFISH - Silver Bullet
CARDINAL - Achilles Head
BOXFISH - All Replay Items
PARROT - Invisible Soldiers
DOTTYBACK - Men With Hats
BETTA - Rubber Grenades

Max Payne Xbox Game Cheat

Max Payne

Infinite health and ammo:
* press and hold right and left trigger
* then press left and right thumbstick and hold
* quickly press white, black,black, white, white, black

This code can be entered at any time during gameplay,just hit the back button
which will take you back to the menu screen then enter code
next there will be an option "cheat"
This may take some practice to get fingering right
**important** you must already have at least a few painkillers to refill them /
max 8 per refill
ammo doesn't matter,it can be empty and it will be refilled.

Get all weapons:
Complete game in easy or hard mode
you will then get two more difficulty settings and in "cheats" menu you will have
get all weapons option.

Chance Mafia Xbox Game Cheat


Unlockable: Bigfoot Truck:
To unlock the Bigfoot vehicle in Free Ride, get first place in all of the races in
Racing Championship mode with any difficulty setting, and with damage either on
or off.

Unlockable: Free Ride Options:
Car Selections: Learn to break into cars during missions to use it in a new Free
Ride game.
Locale Selections: Run through the game's story mode to unlock more cities that
can be used in a new Free Ride game.
Time of Day: Run through the story mode to open night and daylight options for
Free Ride game areas.

Unlockable: More Cars for Free Ride:
After completing a mission, the game sometimes instructs you to return to the
bar or go to Lucas' Body Shop. Complete a mission for him and he will show
where to get a car--once you get the car, it will be unlocked in freeride.

Hint: Ditch the cops, fast!:
Get inside of a trolley, a rail station, or an elevated rail station and wait until your
wanted level subsides
Hint: Easy Money:
Kill the gangsters to earn $500 a pop. They wear all black suits with black hats.
You can also drive taxis to earn cash, and blow up vehicles for an extra $100
Hit 130MPH to earn quick cash. (Sorry for the pun.)

Hint: Killing gangsters:
The best way to kill the men in black is to walk behind them and shoot them with
a shotgun.

Hint: Make Traffic Vanish:
To clear up the roads ahead of you, you can make traffic vanish by simply looking
in your rear-view mirror--hold DOWN on the right analog stick. This works best
with cars at a distance and on the connecting bridges and tunnels.

Hint: Shoot off tires:
Best with a Tommy gun--aim at the center of wheels, at the lugnuts, and fire

Mad Dash Racing Xbox Game Cheat

Mad Dash Racing

Get Hex Character:
Finish the game with Sid, Chops & Zero-G
Get Tek 9 Glider:
Finish the game using any character
Get All characters:
After pausing the game Hold L and press X, B, Left, Y, Right, Right
Never Get Hit:
After pausing the game Hold L and press X, B, B, Left, Left, Y, B
Get Fruit for entire race:
After pausing the game Hold R and press B, X, Left, Left, Y

Get 50 Balls:
After pausing the game Hold L and press Up, X, B, Y, Left, left
Unlock Tremmel King, Roscoe, Hex, Gex, Tek-9, and Sydner:
To unlock Tremmel King get all 3 shortcut medals in all of the 8 levels. To unlock
Roscoe get 20 Hex Bux in all 8 levels. To unlock Tek - 9 beat the game with any
character. To unlock Sydner beat all the levels in the time challenge. To unlock
Hex you must beat the game with all 3 original characters (Chops, Zero - G, and
Sid). To unlock Gex you must get all the status decals.

Easy Win (Alpine Cup):
You know how your always in last?Well, if you are in last here's what you do,right
about at the end of the race, when you'r in the ice area, you should see a slope
with ice covering most of it, climb it.(Note that you have to be a tribrid or a real
glider)once your about to jump of the edge,jump right and glide to the right.You
should reach the finish line before the computers do!

Pit of death glitch:
On Mt.Magma, Jump to the end of the spinning stones. Then, jump into the lava
on your right until you find yourself under the the track-that's right, UNDER the
track.the floor is invisible and the speed boosts and items are floating in mid-air.
It's pretty funny to see the tremmels walking around on nothing, too. When you
jump over the lava under the track, you should see the path ending. After jump
down into the pit, you will fall forever, until you restart the race. This code makes
you lose, but it's funny to see a character falling forever.

Sparkling characters:
Bash or dash until you get onto a ladder and your character will remain sparkling
until his or her feet toch the ground.NOTE:gliding doesn't work!

Agressive Inline xbox game cheat

Agressive Inline

Max Juice Bar:
Go to the Cheats screen on the options menu and put in BAKABAKA

Master Cheat:
Go to the Cheats screen on the options menu and put in PLZDOME

Get All Keys:
Go to the Cheats screen on the options menu and put in SKELETON

Go to the Cheats screen on the options menu and put in KHUFU

Get Perfect Manuals:
Go to the Cheats screen on the options menu and put in QUEZDONTSLEEP

Get Perfect Grinds:
Go to the Cheats screen on the options menu and put in BIGUPYASELF

Get perfect Handplants:
Go to the Cheats screen on the options menu and put in JUSTINBAILEY

Get Full Stats, Levels and all Park editor objects:
Go to the Cheats screen on the options menu and press Up, Up, Down, Down,
Left, Right, Left, Right, BABA

Get All Characters:
Go to the Cheats screen on the options menu and press Down, Right, Right,
Down, Left, Down, Left, Down, Right, Right, Right

Get Low Gravity Wallrides:
Go to the Cheats screen on the options menu and press Up, Down, Up, Down,
Left, Right, Left, Right, ABABS

Get Super Spin:
Go to the Cheats screen on the options menu and press Left, Left, Left, Left,
Right, Right, Right, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up

Juice Faster:
Go to the Cheats screen on the options menu and press Left, Left, Right, Right,
Left, Right, Down, Up, Up, Down, AI

Yu-Gi-Oh: Dawn of Destiny xbox game cheat

Yu-Gi-Oh: Dawn of Destiny

Cheat: Free Rare Cards:
Enter the following names to receive the corresponding cards.
Tri-Horn Dragon Card: GOD OF CARDS
Cosmo Queen Card: KONAMI
Zera the Mant Card: XBOX

Cheat: Use Opponent's Decks:
Beat every opponent in triple duel mode and hold X at the opponent selection
screen in single duel mode.

Hint: Alternate Backgrounds:
In the main menu highlight single or triple duel and press X. The background will
change to an unlocked card.

Zapper Xbox Game Cheat


Hint: Unlock Cheats:
Cheats are naturally unlocked when 100 fireflies in each level are collected.

AFL Live 2003 Xbox Game Cheat

AFL Live 2003

Replace Retired Players:
You have 10 or so reserves that you can put in to replace retired players.
Easy Play:
Pick the easy difficulty and pick Brisbane at the Gabba and the play will be easy

4x4 Evolution 2 Game Cheat

4x4 Evolution 2

Get More $$:
Go to the press start screen and press Y, X, White, Y, X, White, X, X, Y, White, X,

Get Reputation:
Go to the press start screen and press Y, Y, White, X, X, White, Y, Y, Y, X, X, X

Get All Missions:
Go to the press start screen and press X, X, White, White, Y, Y, White, X, Y, Y, X,

Chance Xbox Game Cheat 007 Agent Under Fire

007 Agent Under Fire

Golden CH-6:
Beat level 2 with 50,000 or more points
Infinite missiles while in the car:
Beat level 3 with 70,000 or more points
Get Mp model - poseidon guard:
Get 130000 points and all 007 medallions for level 11
Get regenerative armor:
Get 130000 points for level 11
Get golden bullets:
Get 120000 points for level 10
Get golden armor:
Get 110000 points for level 9
Get MP weapon - calypso:
Get 100000 points and all 007 medallions for level 8
Get rapid fire:
Get 100000 points for level 8
Get MP model - carrier guard:
Get 130000 points and all 007 medallions for level 12
Get unlimited ammo for golden gun:
Get 130000 points on level 12
Get Mp weapon - Viper:
Get 90000 points and all 007 medallions for level 6
Get Mp model - Guard:
Get 90000 points and all 007 medallions for level 5
Mp modifier - full arsenal:
Get 110000 points and all 007 medallions in level 9
Get golden clip:
Get 90000 points for level 5
Get MP power up - Gravity boots:
Get 70000 points and all 007 medallions for level 4
Get golden accuracy:
Get 70000 points for level 4
Get mp model - Alpine Guard:
Get 100000 points and all gold medallions for level 7
Get ( SWEET ) car Lotus Espirit:
Get 100000 points for level 7
Get golden grenades:
Get 90000 points for level 6
Get Mp model Stealth Bond:
Get 70000 points and all gold medallions for level 3
Get Golden Gun mode for (MP):
Get 50000 points and all 007 medallions for level 2
Get rocket manor ( MP ):
Get 50000 points and all gold 007 medalions on first level

Hidden Room:
On the level Bad Diplomacy get to the second floor and go right when you get off
the lift. Go to the very end point and you will find a door. When you try to open it
you should find it's locked. Put on your Q-Specs. Now look left and you'll find a
hidden door open it and inside is Armour and Ammo.

Various point multipliers:
To get the most out of the points allocated at the end of the levels try usng these
helpfull hints.

"The night of the jackal" - when the jacal is standing infront of the crane once she
is nearly dead, go to the right hand side of the room and press the green flashing
button this knocks her into the big vat of hot stuff and kills her without wasting
ammo and health.

"Oilrig" - On this level after you have finished of the men next to the helipad go
into the lab and use the "Q-Remote" on the flashing green computer, now you
can control ANY crane on the level. the first crane, outside the lab will drop a
crate containing grenades, the second and third crane, accessible through a
secret vent , this is at the second meeting with the boss guy, go left and use the
laser on the vent, crawl through and open the big shutter door, then us the
remote on the cranes and jump across the boxes untill you reach the land, then
you can pick off the enemies more easily and avoid that sniper ! this also
improves your points at the end of the level

"The Night of the Jackal" - when trying to reach the apartment use the Q-Claw to
reach up onto the snipers balcony pick up his gun and this provies something to
snipe men with and gives you a bonus points at the end of the level.

Get An Easy Bond Move:
In Bad Diplomacy when you get outside to climb up the latter instead go out all
the way to the rail and look up behind you you will see something like a speaker
use your claw to get up there and you have a Bond move

Disable Lasers:
On the level Bad Diplomacy Go up to the blue floor lasers and put on the q specs.
You'll see a tiny door. Open it and use q laser on the wires to disable them.

Get Armory Key Card:
In the First mission there is a locked armory to the left if you went in the front
door, it contains grenades and a bazooka. To get the key card enter by using the
claw on the vent outside, at the end of the catwalk you will drop down and see a
guard facing away. Drop in, get right on top of him and hit him with your fist, he
should go down in one or two hits and you will get the key card if you're close

Secret Levels:
Ok. Hoth: (You know the planet from Star Wars)
Get 6 platinums.
There is also a secret car level but I don't know how to get to it. ( Hey! I'm good
but I'm not that good!)
Oh Yeah In Evil Summit It takes forever to:
Q-Claw up to the Ventolator thing. What's up with that!

Secret Floor:
In the level Bad Diplomacy, when you go into Griffin's office you kill him, then use
passcode generator on the computer. Then go back to Griffen's office the door on
the far right hand side. If you use the "Key card" you use to get in originally then
walk in. HURRY! you have to shoot the officer first.You will see the laser. Go to
the right wall use your Q-Specs and you see a little door, open it. Use your QLaser
to disable the laser. Get ready to kill 2 officers then don't worry there is a
elevator to take you to the exit of the embassy. This will give you your last Bonus
point to get 7-7.

Town tip:
When you play multiplayer and go on town make sure you activate Q-claw and Qjet.
When you are playing, boost (jump first it makes you go higher) up on to the
building closest to the cathedral. Get out your Q-claw out and Q-claw over to a
balcony. Once inside you can sniper rifle people and duck to dodge their fire. Try
and make sure you don't have the rocket launcher on because your a sitting duck
and can be easily killed. Also if you are using a survival tatic you can boost from
building to building, this works well on someone if they're not very good with the