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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mad Dash Racing Xbox Game Cheat

Mad Dash Racing

Get Hex Character:
Finish the game with Sid, Chops & Zero-G
Get Tek 9 Glider:
Finish the game using any character
Get All characters:
After pausing the game Hold L and press X, B, Left, Y, Right, Right
Never Get Hit:
After pausing the game Hold L and press X, B, B, Left, Left, Y, B
Get Fruit for entire race:
After pausing the game Hold R and press B, X, Left, Left, Y

Get 50 Balls:
After pausing the game Hold L and press Up, X, B, Y, Left, left
Unlock Tremmel King, Roscoe, Hex, Gex, Tek-9, and Sydner:
To unlock Tremmel King get all 3 shortcut medals in all of the 8 levels. To unlock
Roscoe get 20 Hex Bux in all 8 levels. To unlock Tek - 9 beat the game with any
character. To unlock Sydner beat all the levels in the time challenge. To unlock
Hex you must beat the game with all 3 original characters (Chops, Zero - G, and
Sid). To unlock Gex you must get all the status decals.

Easy Win (Alpine Cup):
You know how your always in last?Well, if you are in last here's what you do,right
about at the end of the race, when you'r in the ice area, you should see a slope
with ice covering most of it, climb it.(Note that you have to be a tribrid or a real
glider)once your about to jump of the edge,jump right and glide to the right.You
should reach the finish line before the computers do!

Pit of death glitch:
On Mt.Magma, Jump to the end of the spinning stones. Then, jump into the lava
on your right until you find yourself under the the track-that's right, UNDER the
track.the floor is invisible and the speed boosts and items are floating in mid-air.
It's pretty funny to see the tremmels walking around on nothing, too. When you
jump over the lava under the track, you should see the path ending. After jump
down into the pit, you will fall forever, until you restart the race. This code makes
you lose, but it's funny to see a character falling forever.

Sparkling characters:
Bash or dash until you get onto a ladder and your character will remain sparkling
until his or her feet toch the ground.NOTE:gliding doesn't work!


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